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GSM Alarm Dialler
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GSM Alarm Dialler

GSM Alarm Dialler

The Pocket GSM alarm dialler has 4 digital inputs, so when one changes state a text message is sent directly to your mobile phone. There are 2 digital outputs also so you can send text messages to the Pocket GSM to switch things on and off.

Eliminating the need for separate Programmable Logic Controllers, the Pocket GSM alarm dialler unit utilizes an 8 bit 40Mhz microcontroller for alarm processing coupled to a GSM wireless module. You program the unit directly from you mobile phone, so to make changes you don't even need to travel to site. The unit uses a standard cellular phone SIM card readily available from any mobile phone service operator, which is easily inserted by the user.

The Pocket GSM alarm dialler is used in many different applications including security for intruder alarms, machinery monitoring, fault alerting, tank level monitoring and so on.

In addition there is a serial communications port and the Pocket GSM can be used as a standard hayes compatible modem following the well recognised AT command set.

For more information on using the Pocket GSM as a GSM modem click here.

Download full Pocket GSM Programming Manual as a pdf Pocket GSM Programming Manual
updated August 2005
[ 305kb ]

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