Remote GSM Telemetry Unit

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Remote GSM Telemetry Unit
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Remote GSM Telemetry Unit

Remote GSM Telemetry Unit

The IN4MA remote GSM telemetry unit (GSM RTU) communicates across the mobile phone networks allowing you to remotely monitor your machinery, process, or stocks, wherever you are, wherever your equipment is.

IN4MA telemetry outstations can be easily integrated into an operator's equipment and report on system failures and faults, as well as collect data, switch components, detect change in performance and even allow you to activate and de-activate processes.

The IN4MA was created as a universal 'wire free' pro-active monitoring device that works across 900 and 1800 GSM mobile phone networks for the M2M environment. It was created for mainstream industrial applications, encompassing areas such as process control, instrumentation, and manufacturing. Application possibilities are almost endless, as the IN4MA has the ability to integrate into third party devices and equipment -communicating directly with sensors, devices and other forms of equipment. It allows operators to become more cost effective in monitoring their daily business activity and it is simple and easy to install.

The IN4MA will report on changes in state and threshold movements, reporting immediately alarms which can be sent directly to a monitoring station, a PC, a server, laptop and to a mobile phone via a SMS text message. The use of this power gsm telemetry device allows real time reporting across the globe using wireless techniques.

  • Real time monitoring device designed for industrial applications
  • Flexible, scalable and easy to install - 'wire-free'
  • Live dial in facility to capture data in real-time
  • Ease of interfacing capability to other equipment and devices
  • Multi-level software with configurable threshold settings
  • Offers remote switching capability via digital outputs
  • Immediate fault and alarm monitoring
  • Offers high level preventative, diagnostic and management monitoring
  • No unnecessary site visits for the collection of data
  • Data logging facility
  • Flexible and visual front-end software for ease of use
  • Multi site capability


  • Accurate and immediate information - in real-time
  • Instant fault reporting and diagnostics
  • Reduced data collection costs
  • Increased productivity and process control
  • Integrates into a wide range of equipment, devices and sensors
  • Low cost GSM data & SMS text messages, via our easy billing.
  • Fast, easy installation

IN4MA GSM Remote Telemetry Unit hardware

Download full Technical Specification as a pdf IN4MA PC V2 Technical Specification
updated February 2007
[ 357kb ]

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