GSM Remote Telemetry Unit Hardware

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GSM Remote Telemetry Unit Hardware
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GSM Remote Telemetry Unit hardware

GSM Remote Telemetry Unit hardware

The IN4MA GSM remote telemetry unit comprises of a printed circuit board (PCB), incorporating a GSM modem (up-gradable to GPRS, 3G), a 'flash' programmable microprocessor, on-board data logging capability and a number of communication connectors, all housed within a rugged casing designed for commercial and industrial applications.

A GPS (Global Positioning Satellite) engine is available as an additional module to enable satellite tracking of mobile assets, vehicles, locomotives and equipment.

IN4MA can also incorporate a Short Range Radio Frequency module that allows the IN4MA to communicate with slaveIN4MA radio devices, using a range of non-licensed radio frequencies (such as 173 MHz, 433 MHz within the UK, for example) as well as licensed radio bands, dependant upon application and range of transmission required.

Each IN4MA has 16 analogue inputs (only 12 with GPS version), 16 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs and a 'transparent link' for seamless data transfer.

The IN4MA has been designed and developed to incorporate a broad range of capability, and can easily be adapted for 'bespoke' or 'tailored' telemetry applications.

The IN4MA can be programmed remotely, 'wire-free' over air, using a simple and intuitive 'scripting' language to carry out complex monitoring, recording, and alarming and communication instructions.

With 16 MB of on board logging the unit can store up to 40,000 records, each with a time and date stamp.

  • 16 alarm scripts
  • 5 dedicated system scripts
    • Power up
    • Incoming ring detection
    • Call connect
    • Call disconnect
    • System timer
  • 16 zone geo fencing with in/out alarming
  • direct connection/PC port
  • daily interval from/to timer with associated scripts
  • over/under speed (GPS) alarming
  • low /high threshold alarming on analogues
    • programmable hysteresis
  • 32 bit coding for pulse counters with pre-scalar
  • on board calibration functionality
  • flexible multilevel logging
  • low power functionality via scripting
  • text based commands with acknowledge
  • remote firmware upgrade
  • >10 years memory retention
  • Ibutton/RFID interface with associated scripts
    • 20 user keys
    • 20 manager keys
  • 10 priority classified internal phone memory
  • daily heart beat timer
  • programmable one second pulse on outputs
  • Real time clock

Download full Technical Specification as a pdf IN4MA PC V2 Technical Specification
updated August 2005
[ 906kb ]

Using computer software to view data and handle alarms

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