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LPG Distribution savings

06 June 2009
As the price of fuel goes up then so does the cost of lpg tanker driverdistributing products. Using telemetry to remotely monitor how much is in a customers tank helps reduce the cost of distribution. The Metron ATEX uses the cellular network and is battery powered so installation is very quick and low skilled. The latest manufacturing techniques and components provides effective and reliable hardware. GPRS communications ensures the lowest operating costs. 

GPRS Datalogger

06 May 2009

The new Metron2 GPRS datalogger is soon to be available from Powelectrics. The unit has 4 inputs, each programmable to be analogue, digital or pulse, on board data logging capabilities and an in built screen ot help with setup and diagnostics. The unit can be battery powered, solar powered or you can power from an external power source.


metron2 gprs datalogger


GPRS ATEX Telemetry goes on show

06 May 2008

Powelectrics introduced the world to hte Metron ATEX, GPRS ATEX telemetry device at the AEGPL show last week and it has immediately attracted alot of interest.

Combining low cost, long battery life and GPRS communications in a single compact enclosure makes the Metron ATEX ideal for a wide range of applications,including meter reading, tank level monitoring and CSO monitoring.


The METRON ATEX from Powelectrics is capable of monitoring 6 sensors with just one telemetry unit. The unit is battery powered with 5 year battery life, making the unit easy to install. The METRON ATEX uses the GSM mobile phone network – no access to the customer property to install, no need to use the customers phone line. The device is flexible – there are variations to suit large bulk tanks as well the more common small ones. The Metron is easy to test – giving you full confidence that the system is working before you leave site and it includes temperature monitoring.


Data is delivered directly where it is needed, with simple web based interfaces provided for data presentation and collection. The integration of the data into existing business systems is easily achieved and further benefits can be made. With user configurable alarm levels the telemetry solution becomes pro-active.




18 April 2008
El uso de telemetría dentro del mercado de GLP es beneficioso a clientes, los distribuidores y los suministradores en una muchas maneras. Por medir automáticamente la cantidad de LPG dentro de un tanque de almacenaje, el volumen de cada entrega puede ser aumentado; el número de regresos de carga de parte puede ser reducido, el servicio de atención al cliente puede ser mejorado; el suministrador/distribuidor puede planificar las entregas proactivamente; situaciones "agotadas" y las entregas de la emergencia pueden ser eliminadas; la confianza del cliente puede ser mejorada; hay menos errores de procesamiento de orden; hay una reducción en la mano de obra y las entregas desatendidas son acomodadas fácilmente.


18 April 2008

L'usage de télémétrie dans le marché de GLP est avantageux aux clients, aux distributeurs et les fournisseurs dans beaucoup de façons. Par mesurant automatiquement la quantité de GLP dans un citerne de stockage, le volume de chaque livraison peut être augmenté; le nombre de retours de chargement de partie peut être réduit; le service clients peut être amélioré; le fournisseur/le distributeur peut planifier des livraisons proactivement; ‹ épuisé › situations et livraisons d’urgence peuvent être éliminées la confiance clientèle peut être améliorée; il y a les moins erreurs de traitement d'ordre; il y a une réduction dans la main-d'oeuvre et les livraisons indépendantes sont facilement accommodées.




12 March 2008

GSM (Global System for Mobile) communications is the most popular standard communications system for mobiles all around the world and it`s believed to be incorporated into 82% of all mobile phones worldwide. It`s a cellular network which means that mobile phones search for `cells` in the immediate vicinity to access the phone networks. Cells are like servers which take information and pass it on.


Monitoring Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharges from CSO’s

22 February 2008
In order to monitor Unsatisfactory Intermittent Discharges from Combined Sewer Outfalls (CSO monitoring) Powelectrics have introduced the Metron ATEX.This weatherproof and compact device has datalogging capablities and an integral GSM engine allowing both GPRS and text message (SMS) communications.

LPG Telemetry

22 February 2008


LPG telemetry is proving to benefit customers, distributors and suppliers in a number of ways and the new Metron ATEX GSM Telemetry device fits the bill perfectly.

By automatically measuring the amount of LPG within a storage tank then the volume of each delivery can be increased; the number of part load returns can be reduced, customer service can be improved; the supplier / distributor can initiate proactive delivery scheduling; run outs and emergency deliveries can be eliminated; customer confidence can be improved; there are fewer order processing errors; there is reduced manpower and unattended deliveries are easily accommodated. Over time we have seen the cost of transporting product in bulk increase as the cost of fuel goes up, the cost of drivers, insurance, the working time directive, the increased congestion on the roads and so on. At the same time we have seen the cost of telemetry come down which is making the solutions viable, even when the number of deliveries each month, or even each year, are minimal.

Low Temperature Telemetry

12 February 2008
Thanks to some clever electronics Powelectrics have proven their Metron units work well even at low temperatures. Batteries become less efficient at low temperatures, but a decent amount of current is needed in order to communicate over the GSM mobile phone network.

Tracking systems for hazardous chemicals

02 February 2008

The use of tracking systems when distributing hazardous chemicals in bulk deter theft and help in the recovery of vehicles. Powelectrics offer a range of tracking systems ranging from low cost, easy to install devices to sophisticated units with panic alarms, immobiliser functions and CAN Bus interfaces. Geo-fencing allows alerts to be created when vehicles leave or arrive at a predefined destination.


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